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Announcing the 2020 - 2021 Board of Directors and Annual Strategy Meeting

It is my pleasure to announce the ARMAJax 2020 - 2021 Board of Directors!

Kim Beach will be stepping up as Vice President of our local chapter.  Kim has acted in previous years as our stalwart Secretary and we are excited to see her take a larger leadership role in our organization.  Kim has also previously served on the Sunshine Conference team, and currently works as the Records Manager of Regency Centers, a Jacksonville-based preeminent owner, operator, and developer of shopping centers located in affluent and densely populated trade areas.  Kim started in the industry sorting nine pallets of microfiche on a temporary 3 month assignment - once she got the records bug, she never looked back!  In her storied career, she was the first woman to work in the Data Storage Centers warehouse, assisted in opening and operating an NAID-certified shredding facility and full-service imaging center, as well as having experience in both public and private sectors.

Joining the Board as Secretary will be Jasen Hutchinson!  This is Jasen's first year serving on the Board, but he's been a member of ARMA for 5 years.  He is currently the Records Compliance Manager at JEA, the eighth largest municipal utility in the United States. Jasen leads JEA’s information governance efforts.  Jasen is a member of the Florida Bar, volunteer at Jacksonville Legal Aid, a past Board Member of the Murray Hill Preservation Association, founding member of the Jacksonville-IAPP chapter, and a current member of the Roosevelt Lighting Project Committee right here in Jax.  Jasen has specialized in public affairs, politics, privacy, and information governance. Welcome, Jasen!  We're excited to have you!  

Remaining in their positions will be Tony Atkins as President, Michelle Rader as Treasurer, Michael DeVanna as Membership Director, and Liz Bourland as Media Director. 

We wish to take the opportunity to thank Carole LaRochelle & Odia Mapa for their service on the Board.  Carole served as Vice President from 2017 - 2020 (and served as Secretary prior to that!) and we are very grateful for her service.  Carole took the lead in bringing in engaging speakers and coming up with innovative tours to help educate and inform our membership.  We are thankful for the opportunities she brought to our local community.  Odia was our Newsletter Editor for years and it was her dependable voice bringing you updates monthly.  We are obliged for her steadfast reporting.  

Looking forward, it is time for our annual Strategy Meeting!  This is the time where we determine our path for the year going forward and is the best opportunity for your voices to be heard.  Do we need more speakers?  Less in-person meetings?  Is there another professional organization we should be partnering with?  Come to the meeting and let us know what you need!  The Strategy Meeting will be held on July 24th, 2020 from 1pm to 3pm.  Lunch will be served.  We'll welcome Jasen, congratulate Kim, and give social distancing elbow bumps (in lieu of hugs) to Carole and Odia, and plan to serve our membership in the coming year.   REGISTER HERE - we hope to see you there!