It's time for our annual election for the Board of Directors!  Your vote will help to ensure that our Jax ARMA Chapter continues with instrumental leadership.  Candidates have put themselves forward and per ARMA International guidelines, there will be a formal vote for the positions on the Board of Directors.  While our small-but-strong chapter only had one candidate step forward for each position, you may write-in a candidate instead if you so choose.  We had no candidates for Secretary this year - do you know someone who would fit the job?  Please write them in!

Only members in good standing may vote by FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2020.  Votes received after that date will not be tallied.  Thank you for your participation.  Cast your vote HERE!

All members, not just Board Members, will be invited to this year's Strategy Meeting.  This is a meeting held to gather ideas and plan our 2020-2021 ARMA year.  We will need extra guidance and input heading into a post-COVID world.  We will announce a date and time as things in our area become more settled.  


Until we can once more meet in person, it’s good that we can stay connected through virtual events and shared presentations. To that end, we are happy to provide some opportunities for professional development while you are working at home.  

First, we were originally scheduled to have an in-person presentation by Nick Potvin (Senior Manager of Ad Product and Technology) of the PGA Tour on compliance.  He has graciously allowed us to host a link to his presentation on YouTube.  At your convenience, follow the link to watch his presentation on "Compliance is an Opportunity:  Leveraging Regulation [GDPR & CCPA]"As regulations surrounding data privacy are changing rapidly, much of the focus is on potential financial penalties and negative impacts. In this presentation, we look at the regulations from a different perspective. How can these new regulatory risks create opportunities for your company’s communication flows and first-party data offerings?

If you're scheduled too tightly in Zoom meetings to have time for a webinar, than we've provided a fascinating article from Australia that will be near & dear to most of our hearts - The Consequences of Underfunded Records Management.  Read the article here.  

Keep checking back here and we post new information, new articles, and new webinars.  Until we can once more meet in person, it’s good that we can stay connected through virtual events and shared presentations. We’re happy to share opportunities with you and hope you find it valuable. Online presentations are one of the few remaining things we can do without a mask, so please enjoy.  In the meantime, we've collected a few memes floating around the Internet that made us giggle.  

There are no upcoming events.