Welcome to 2021! 

Do you suffer from Zoom Gloom?  Is GoToMeeting give you a beating?  Is Microsoft Teams driving you to extremes?  Is the thought of yet another webinar filling you with a dread?  We get you.  So let’s take a break from the monotony and change up the pace.  Join ARMAJAX for a rousing game of records management & information governance TRIVIA in lieu of our monthly meeting!  Leave those Bill Saffady books on the shelf. No fair peeking at Patricia Franks’ latest. And no Googling…or we’ll know.  Take this as a fun way to cram for your CRA/CRM Certification or just brush up on your fun facts.  We will be competing for highly coveted bragging rights to inspire awe among your friends and colleagues (and Melissa Dederer has offered to ship the winner a book from her personal library on top of a really fancy certificate to be emailed!).  Register here to join us on February 25th, 2021 at 3:00pm and bring your A game!  

Have you been keeping an eye on our page?  Not only are we continuing our partnership with our Florida Region ARMA groups, but other ARMA groups like Atlanta and Chicago have been inviting us to their chapter meetings as well.  There are benefits to the virtual way of doing things!  Continue to check here for meeting updates and link to our Meeting Schedule page here

Locally, let's help out our community!  New Age Hippy is sponsoring Keep Jacksonville Beautiful Day and they are looking for volunteers to help clean up the Charles Bennett Memorial Bridge off Wonderwood and A1A.  They need folks to come out on March 13th from 9:00am to 11:00am to help clean up the sidewalk, bridge, and area around the Intracoastal -they'll be providing bags, gloves, water, and snacks if you provide the labor!  Please sign up ahead of time HERE.  Make a difference!  

Want some extracurricular reading – check out the latest ARMA Magazine - https://magazine.arma.org/ .  I liked the article on which records should be retained on paper versus digital (I’m a paper pusher at heart, so sometimes it takes some tough love to get me to go digital).  And if you are a webinar junkie (in which case you are living in a golden age), MER continues to host their incredible free webinars every month at https://www.mersapient.com/ .  Do you have an article or webinar you’d like to share with your fellow RIM & IG colleagues?  Email me at [email protected] .


Keep Jacksonville Beautiful - Wonderwood Bridge CleanUp!

March 13, 2021
9:00 AM EST - 11:00 AM EST

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Charles Bennett Memorial Bridge Cleanup
Wonderwood Road and A1A (Bus Stop Parking Lot)

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New Age Hippy is sponsoring a cleanup of the Wonderwood Bridge and they need volunteers!

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